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Our appearance protection programs for interior and exterior coverage feature NanoCure Protective Coatings, our proprietary line of surface protectants that offer superior protection against elements that can damage or devalue your vehicle. We work with only the best, most respected suppliers in the industry and control every step of our chemical manufacturing process to ensure a quality result for our clients and their customers. Our superior formulations employ revolutionary nanotechnology to ensure maximum surface protection from harmful environmental elements and the hazards of the road and Noble Ion™ technology as an added benefit of our interior vehicle protection programs.

Research & Development

The Edge of Innovation

We take pride in keeping NanoCure® protectants on the leading-edge of the vehicle appearance marketplace and continuously work to improve the performance of the chemicals that safeguard against damage to vehicle surfaces. Our proprietary technologies enhance both a vehicle’s interior and exterior with protection products scientifically engineered to perform in ways most other products cannot. Nothing showcases that more than NanoCure with Nanoxide℠, which includes UV inhibitors and polymers to form a molecular bond with the surface for superior protection.

Our ongoing research of advancements in the chemical manufacturing arena, combined with an understanding of the needs of our partners, clients and their customers, fuels our product development efforts to deliver compelling programs that go beyond the standard offerings many other providers.


State-of-the-Art Facilities

NanoCure Protective Coatings are manufactured in our own facility in Irving, Texas, on the most sophisticated production line in the vehicle protection industry, giving us the ability to scale to any opportunity. We serve dealers in the automotive, recreational vehicle, powersports and marine markets and have relationships with national retailers, vehicle manufacturers and third party product administrators.

Our vertical integration across all aspects of the vehicle protection space, covering interior and exterior appearance, dent & ding, tire & wheel, key replacement, theft deterrent and comprehensive bundles of protection coverages, ensures an exceptional program for our clients and their customers. By maintaining complete end-to-end control over our products, we are able to ensure quality from product development to administration to fulfillment in a way no other product provider can.

Why Partner With Us?

AutoBodyGuard™ is a range of vehicle protection programs for the automotive, RV, powersports and marine markets through agents and dealers nationwide. NanoCure Protective Coatings featured in our interior and exterior appearance protection programs offer superior protection and are warranted to prevent damage to the interior and exterior of your vehicle. We are the only provider to own and control the product development, administration, fulfillment and delivery of every aspect of our protection programs.

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