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NanoCure Essential Protection
Two levels of coverage for protecting the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Both plans include protection for Carpet and Fabric as well as Leather and Vinyl and Paint. The Extra level includes our revolutionary, exclusive Organic Odor Eliminator, Black Trim Molding protection, Windshield protection and even Rental car Reimbursement, among other vital protections.
NanoCure Complete Protection
Three levels of state-of-the-art coverage plans for vehicle exterior and interior protection. Each plan includes Paint protection, Carpet and Fabric Protection and Leather and Vinyl Protection while the Restore level features premium offerings including Rental Car Reimbursement and Reapplication of Exterior Paint.
NanoCure Enhanced Protection
Featuring cutting-edge nano-technology, this plan offers protection for both your vehicle’s interior and exterior. Not only does this plan feature protection for carpet, fabric, leather and vinyl, but it goes deeper with our exclusive, revolutionary Organic Odor Eliminator. Protection for black trim molding, headlight lens and paint give this plan a well-rounded set of offerings.
NanoCure Auto Appearance Protection
Offering three levels of coverage, this plan goes beyond simply protecting your vehicle’s interior and exterior. Each level offers Carpet and Fabric protection, Leather and Vinyl Protection and Paint Protection while the Ultimate level offers premium features including Sound Barrier, Corrosion Protection and Rental Car Reimbursement.