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Beauty fades and the fast lane will take its toll.

Your vehicle will age, and no matter what road you take, you’ll face hazards that are sure to test you and your ride. Overcome the elements and keep your motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle (ATV/UTV) or snowmobile in top condition with Freedom Appearance Protection.

Powered by NanoCure® Protectants

Freedom Appearance Protection features our proprietary, state-of-the-art NanoCure® protectants. Formulated with our industry-leading nanotechnology to fill uneven surface areas and form an ultra-durable, weather- and hazard-resistant shield, NanoCure keeps your vehicle looking new by forming a molecular bond that provides a protective barrier against the elements.

Show your new ride some love.

The power to preserve your new ride’s showroom appearance is in your hands. When you choose Freedom Appearance Protection you’re not only protecting its beauty—you are also preserving its resale value.

Protection that lasts.

Your new powersports vehicle will be treated with NanoCure protectants, which are engineered to prevent damage to the exterior surfaces of your ride and, where applicable, all leather, vinyl and fabric components.

Ride Protected