Theft Protection

With two levels of coverage, RiskGuard® helps deter thieves as well as provides financial assistance and security should your vehicle end up stolen.


Don’t let your life be disrupted by theft

Your insurance carrier will only pay the market valuation they deem appropriate and any deficiencies will have to be paid off. Replacement Value Coverage will help you with that. With Rental Car Reimbursement, your life doesn’t stop should car thieves get the best of you.

Guard from Theft Today!

Make sure what’s yours, stays yours.

Get RiskGuard today!

  • Warning decals placed on your windows let the bad guys know to back off.
  • Traceable, etched ID serial numbers placed on key parts of your vehicle not only serve as a deterrent, but feature a phone number for police use and vehicle retrieval.

Keep the thieves away! Don’t let your vehicle become a statistic!